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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals Alert: 4 Business Phablets You Simply Can’t Resist
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cyber_monday_saleWhen it comes to finding the best phablets for your business, there are a number of companies out there who are trying to provide for your needs. A phablet is a device that is between a smartphone and a tablet, although they could be better described as large smartphones. They are meant to provide you with enough screen space to work for your needs while still being portable like a smartphone. While many were on sale under $100 during last year’s Black Friday you will be even more thrilled to learn that Sprint offers much better deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
A phablet is a smartphone that has a screen from 5.5” to 6.4” and are not exactly suited for everyone as they can be a little cumbersome to use. However, for those who are looking at finding the right type of phablet for their needs, here are four of the best from Sprint that you cannot resist.
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 The Note 4 offers a solid 5.7” screen with a built-in stylus as well. The pressure sensitive display is just right to allow you to sign your name with ease. Plus, there are many other features that make this particular model effective as the prototypical phablet. However, there are features found on the Note 4 that many typical phablets do not posses, including a multi-window mode to let you run two apps at the same time. There are a number of great features that this particular phablet offers that includes a very long lasting battery which can be removed if needed, an expanding memory system, a very sharp screen to meet your needs and it can multitask with the best of them. The stylus is also quite neat as well which makes this one of the best. Given the advanced features and specs, any deal below $200 on Black Friday is a great buy from Sprint.
Apple iPhone 6 Plus
Apple makes its first foray into phablet territory with their 5.5” screen iPhone 6 Plus. The screen itself is quite sharp and easy to work with making it capable of many tablet-type functions. There are several different modes from Mail and Message to dual-pane mode that allows for greater access. Plus, there is a navigation panel that can be seen in virtually all modes so you can go back and forth between tasks. In addition, the iPhone 6 Plus offer long battery life, a productivity app selection, and many security features as well.
Nokia Lumia 1520 For those who love their Windows phone, this is the phablet for you. A large 6” screen makes this one of the easiest to read and use. Plus, the 11.5 hour battery life is simply out of the world for those who are used to phablets that only last a few hours. The Windows 8.1 system offers plenty of features and it even has voice commands as well.
LG G3 This is a big, bold phablet that comes with plenty of features to fill its 5.5” screen. A screen by the way that is a remarkable 2,560 x 1,440 pixel for remarkable sharpness and clarity. You can do plenty of multitasking chores and view spreadsheets on the go as well. The Q-Slide feature allows you to multitask and open up a second app while you are working. The expandable memory and removable battery are also nice as well. Originally retail for $200 you will be able to grab this premium smartphone for
less than $1 on Sprint Black Friday
Overall, these four phablets are certainly the best from a growing field designed to serve your needs.
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Top 5 Ways to Save on the Cost of Owning a Smartphone
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When you consider that roughly half of all Americans have a smartphone, the potential of this device is truly astounding. However, many people who own smartphone miss valuable opportunities to save money when using this device. When you consider that a family of four on average spends about $200 per month just on data alone, the sheer cost of operating smartphones are considerable.
However, there are five ways that you can save a considerable amount of money when using smartphones. This means more money in your pocket while still getting all the great benefits.
new-smartphones 1. Choose the Best Plan for Your Needs: Most people do not need an “Unlimited” plan which may look good on paper, but it actually charges far more than the services that you need. Since the average person uses less than 300MB of data per month, an unlimited plan that provides you with 10GB is way too much. Instead, pick the plan that best suits your needs and leave a little room in case you need to use a bit more data.
2. Use Coupons and Discounts: There are discounts and coupons for most smartphones on the market today, so why not use them? There are popular websites such as “DealCatcher” for example that will post plenty of coupon codes and discounts for the purchase of a new smartphone. This is a great way to save money right from the start. Use Sprint promotion codes found
here can reduce the upfront cost on all the popular smartphones.
3. Reduce Data Usage: This means restraining yourself from checking social media sites or your email many times per day. Instead, pick select times to go online and see what is happening. Many companies charge a considerable amount of money for going over your limit. So, only if you have to use an enormous amount of data per month should you select an “Unlimited” plan.
coupon-app4. Use the Apps You Need: While individual apps are fairly cheap, they can add up over time. Children in particular can wind up purchasing gaming apps that really add to the bill, especially those that offer upgrades. Depending on how much you trust your child, blocking them from making purchases may be the best way to avoid any unnecessary shocks to your system when the bill arrives.
5. Compare Insurance with Loss or Repair: For most people, the cost of repairing or replacing their smartphone is greater than the total amount of premium payments on an insurance plan. However, if your smartphone is cheap enough, going without an insurance plan may be the best bet. Plus, purchasing a solid casing for your smartphone may be the best insurance you can get.
Cutting down on the monthly cost of your smartphone may only save you a few dollars a month at first, but that can really add up over time if you are putting back for your child’s college fund or saving for retirement.
Learn more on how to get coupons, promo codes from Sprint or your favorite wireless carrier before buying the phone. Every dollar counts, especially in this day and age when expenses continue to go up, so look for ways that you can save on your smartphone bill, it may be the best investment that you can make.
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Should I Buy LG G Flex
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The LG G Flex brings a curved display to a market saturated with flat phones. The LG G Flex is one of the first of many mobile phones to include a plastic-based display, the precursor towards the much hyped really flexible type of display.
LG-G-Flex-ATT The 6-inch mobile may be too large for many customers, but the great news is that G Flex is remarkably easy to carry thanks to its slim sides and distinctive style. The G Flex features no physical keys on the front or on the side panels. The volume controls and power key are located on the backside of the mobile, close to the camera and flash, in a spot that tends to be easy to reach with the index finger.
The G Flex includes a 6-inch P-OLED display with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and High Definition graphics that produces images at 245 pixels per inch. It’s a bit curious why LG went with 720p for the G Flex instead of full HD, though the plastic-type display may have something to do with it.
Processor and Memory
LG went for top quality with the internal hardware for the G Flex. It includes a very quality processing package: a Snapdragon 800 combining four Krait 400 cores at 2.26 GHz. As for the processing unit, it includes an Adreno 330 GPU. In addition to 2GB of random access memory, the 3,500 mAh battery power with 8 hours of charge. There are no microSD card slots and only one storage option; fortunately, the storage option is a generous 32GB hard drive.
The back camera on the LG G Flex is actually very similar to that about the LG G2, with the main change being the insufficient optical image stabilization. The volume down key on the backside works like a shutter. Generally, the 13MP camera on the G Flex can take good quality pictures, but lacks the determined optical image stabilization available in the in the LG G2.
Software and User interface
The G Flex includes QSlide apps that are able to float on the display for a few common multiwindow/multitasking options and SlideAside, which lets users slide as much as three apps left of the display and then very easily bring them back with a swipe towards the right. The G Flex operates using LG’s well-known Android Optimus UI, which comes with a healthy amount of power and customization.

CNet summarized it nicely in this video. LG has not revealed the G Flex’s prices and availability information for Western marketplaces. When it becomes obtainable, in the earliest part of this year, the expected price is approximately $200 to $300 with an AT&T contract before applying a coupon code.
Besides the design factors and the improved endurance, the curved display doesn’t change the consumer experience in a significant way. The G Flex is not only worth buying for its curved display only, but the improved endurance may be ideal for those with butter fingers. Check out the video below from PhoneArena.

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The Best Smartphones are Under $100 on Black Friday
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Black Friday is the day we all been waiting for and hoping to scoop the cheapest items that otherwise cost you hundreds of dollars more. While many people are looking for bargain on TV, game consoles, computers, laptops, and coffee makers, the best deals are on smarthones during Black Friday 2013. Let’s take a look at what type of phones you can get for under $100.
Black-Friday-Sale-300x164 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini for Sprint – this is a scale down version of the popular Galaxy S4. It has a smaller screen, less powerful processor. But what you gain is the a lighter package – it weighs only 4.64 oz. It’s much easier to carry and put into you pant pocket. What’s even lighter is the price – only $0.01 out of pocket, a total saving of $500 retail price. It’s available on sprint.com throughout the holiday shopping season.
LG G2 is normally costs over $200 with a new contract. But you will be able grab this phone for just $49 on Black Friday. This is no ordinary phone. It’s has a much bigger screen than the Galaxy S4 mini. In fact the screen is a full inch larger and it’s getting close the the “Phablet” category. Everywhere else you look now will find the phone on sale for more than $200. Whether you are looking to buy one for yourself or as a gift. The super low price of $49 is hard to ignore.
Google Nexus 5 – this phone was just released the is already out of stock due to the low contract-free price of just $349. If you are willing to be locked with Sprint for the next 24 month you can have the phone for just $49. It’s a smartphone that’s comparable with Galaxy S4 but yet the price is much lower.
HTC One is a phone that you might have forgotten since it was released earlier this year for $200. The price has since dropped to just $99 on a number of third-party retailers. Now national wireless carriers have poured more incentives during Black Friday to sweeten the deals. You will be able to get the HTC One for as low as $49 when you bring your mobile number from another carrier.
iPhone 5s might not have fallen into your budget when it was released a month ago for $200. Sprint is giving you 50% off the phone during their Black Friday sales event. It’s a phone that everyone want and the popular gold color is especially in higher demand. If you can grab one today for that price, don’t wait.
All the smartphones we mentioned cost you a bit less than $100. If you don’t mind getting last year’s model you will be saving significantly on Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s till a very solid and popular choice among teenagers. Great for texting, web browsing, and taking everyday photos.
With all the sales going on now it’s going to be another
new record setting year. Before you head out to Sprint retail stores on Black Friday make sure they have the units you want in stock. Call ahead or use their website to check availability. Remember to always compare prices from third-party retailer and in case you find one with lower price you can ask for price match in store.
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What not to buy on Black Friday
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Black-Friday-300x168 Black Friday is among the most famous and busiest shopping days of the year. For retailers, this day, which occurs on the Friday after Thanksgiving each year, is the day when most will transition from the red to the black and begin to turn a profit for the year. For shoppers, this day kicks off the official holiday shopping season. More than that, shoppers know that there are great deals to be found in stores on Black Friday, and they are eager to save money by making many purchases. While there are indeed some fabulous deals that shoppers can take advantage of, the fact is that there are some things that shoppers should avoid purchasing on Black Friday.
Popular and less popular toy stores alike regularly run deals on toys on Black Friday, but often, these deals are on select toys that are available in limited supplies. Shoppers often purchase many other toys that are listed at regular prices on this day. Some sources state that the best deals on toys are found approximately two weeks before Christmas rather than on Black Friday. Unless you are shopping for one of those hot toys of the season that may be sold out early, waiting a week or two after Black Friday to make your purchases may help you to save money.
Winter Apparel
Likewise, Black Friday is generally not the best time to purchase winter clothing. The best deals on winter clothing are traditionally found in the fall months, such as in September or October, as well as in January after winter clothes begin to get marked at clearance prices to prepare for the new line of seasonal clothing.
smartphones-300x168 Many electronics retailers will announce amazing “doorbuster” deals, and these hot deals may actually be great offers that can save you money. However, if you read the fine print on the advertisements, stores may only stock three or four of these products. Those who are first in line may be given vouchers for them hours before the store opens, so you may never have a chance to purchase them. Other models may be marked on sale, but they may not be the lowest sale prices offered over the course of the months before and after the holidays. Traditionally, the best deals on TVs are found right before Super Bowl Sunday in January. The only exception is smartphone which is heavily discounted by carriers like Verizon Wireless during Black Friday 2013. Don’t buy flip phones or so-called full-featured phones though. They are usually being offered for $0 out of pocket but you are actually getting $30 or less on these types of phones. On the other hand, you can buy a new Galaxy Note 3 for $150, saving you $150 vs. regular price.
Fine Jewelry
Many people love to give jewelry like earrings, necklaces and even watches as holiday gifts, and retailers know this. Those who track retail prices state that prices for these luxury items may slowly creep up over the fall months, and they may peak in December. When purchasing high-dollar luxury items such as these, it is best to make a purchase when demand is lower. For jewelry, demand and prices are often lower during the summer and spring months.
Shoppers truly can find some fabulous deals on Black Friday, but they should also be aware that not every item listed as a sale price on this shopping day is the lowest price available. Retailers know that shoppers are in the mood to make purchases on this day, and they have strategically listed items for sale to encourage purchases while still ensuring that they turn a profit.
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Audible Free Trial: Choose from 150,000 Audiobooks
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Audible_free_trial-300x141 You can listen to a book on the go or while commuting to the office. With Audible, individuals own their own books. The service offers some of the best narrators out of Hollywood and the world’s best books. For a convenient listening experience, Audible is the premier audio reading experience.
Audible Free Trial
While individuals are testing out the site, they are eligible for a free trial without using any Audible coupon code. Through the free trial program, the first book is free. Once the free trial is over, individuals can select one book each month with their membership. There are over 150,000 titles to choose from and 1,800 different content providers. All of the books received through this program are owned by the user. Audible is not a rental or streaming service. As soon as the book is selected, it appears on the smartphone, laptop, tablet or iPod. Altogether, there are 500 different devices that can play books from Audible.
Started in 1995 by Donald Katz, Audible developed and sold the first digital version of an audio player. By 1997, the company’s product had hit the marketplace four years before the iPod was available. Despite its early creation, Audible became one of the only technology startups to thrive following the dot-com bust. Based out of Newark, New Jersey, the company is publicly traded on the Nasdaq and is a subsidiary of Amazon.
Many people are too busy to take time to read a book. With audio books, individuals can listen to a novel from anywhere. The largest benefit of Audible is that it offers readers a chance to listen to a new book even when they are short on time. It is inexpensive to use. For uncertain new members, the free trial membership is exceptionally convenient. It allows them to figure out if they like the website before they make the leap. In addition, many Audible files are also available through common distribution programs like iTunes. From time to time, Audible will send you member exclusive promo codes so you can get even more discount on the books you always want to read.
The only drawback to Audible is the sheer number of options. With over 100,000 audio programs and countless books, the inventory can be daunting to new users. Luckily, the content is easy to search through for specific books, audio files or genres. Audible also offer five different audio file formats. Each of these options has a different sound quality and file size. This option will be appreciated by techies, but may be difficult for anyone else to understand. The quality of the file is also determined by the type of device used.
Audible_for_iPhone-300x234 The interface on Audible is smooth and clean in appearance. Although it is easy to operate, it takes time to figure out the downloading process initially. Overall, Audible is extremely convenient to use and affordable for the casual reader. These reasonably priced selections include a large library of books as well as radio programs and podcasts. For additional reviews please click here. You should take advantage of the Audible free trial and listen to the latest audiobooks like Inferno by Dan Brown.

  • 100,000 audio programs and 150,000 book titles
  • Free trial membership for new users
  • Works with up to 500 different mobile devices according to Audible
  • Easy to search for content and simple to operate for new users
  • Content can be burned to CDs
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Samsung Galaxy S4 Promo Code
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Samsung_Galaxy_S4-300x300 Why buy a new phone with a plan? There are a number of options when it comes to upgrade to a new Verizon Wireless phone. You buy straight at retail price – which is hefty. The Galaxy S4 cost over $600 if you are not eligible for upgrade. But using a Samsung Galaxy S4 promo code can save you over 50%. If you are new customer or eligible for upgrade then the saving is even greater with online coupons.
Bigger and Better Touchscreen
One reason to buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 is for the larger touchscreen. While 3.5 inch, like the original iPhone was considered big enough, the 5 inch smartphone provides superior viewing area for web browsing and watching movies on the go. Compared with iPhone 4S, the Galaxy S4 is definitely a better choice. But what about iPhone 5? Some people may argue that the Galaxy phone is too big to be held with one hand. However, most of the time you are actually using both hands when typing a message or email. Even with one hand operation you can still get a lot out of it such as opening apps and typing a short message.
Expandable Memory and Changeable Batter
Another reason to buy the Galaxy S4 is expandable memory and changeable battery. The basic version comes with just 16GB of storage. It’s not a lot if you are taking a lot of videos and downloading tons of apps. No worry. But a microSD card and you can expand the internal storage to 64GB. In case your phone is running out of juice you can pop in a spare battery and continue to watch a movie or make that important call. That’s one advantage that some other premium smartphones lack.
Camera is just Awesome
Galaxy_S4_Camera-300x300 While other smartpthones still have 8 megapixel cameras, Samsung Galaxy S4s camera already became one of the best in the market today. Boasting stunning 13 megapixels you can totally forgo the point and shoot digital camera. You can also take pictures with the front and rear cameras at the same time so both images appear on the same picture.
Save more with Verizon Wireless promo code
So when you use Samsung Galaxy S4 coupon code for Verizon Wireless at http://freewirelesspromocode.com you will be saving $450 when you bring mobile number from another carrier. Existing customers are not that bad either, saving over $400 if you contract is ready up for renewal. Keep in mind that Verizon Wireless recently change the upgrade period from 22 months to 24 months. That means you have to wait long 2 years to get full discount. But with these advanced features found on the Galaxy S4 you can certainly wait that long.
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Saving $100 on HTC One with Sprint Coupon Code
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htc_one-300x257 While you are shopping for the next smartphone you will definitely come across the HTC One which was release not too long ago. Is it the right phone for you? Some people consider it the ultimate competitor to the iPhone 5 and some say it’s better built than the Samsung Galaxy S4. However, there are some great perks you will get when using promo code to buy HTC One.
Current customers don’t always get the highest discount compared to new customers. Even if you are existing customers, you may not be eligible to upgrade right away. Getting a HTC One coupon code from your carrier can lower the phone price by up to $100. Depending on the retailers of your choice, you may have to wait a few weeks or months before having the rebate amount credited back to your account.
If you are coming from other carriers like at&t and Verizon Wireless you should have known that the data plans have limit. Even the so called unlimited data has limit beyond 5GB – the 4G LTE speed will be dropped to 3G or below if you go over 5GB a month. Technically you are still getting unlimited data, but the data is very limited due to much slower speed. All these smartphones mentioned are available through Sprint and customers can enjoy truly unlimited data without having to be throttled when their data download and upload reaches a certain level during the month.

htc one screen

Perhaps the most important feature you love about the HTC One is the screen resolution. With screen size of 4.7 inch, it already packs over 469 pixels in such small screen, which makes it the highest resolution ever made on a smartphone. By comparison, the iPhone 5 only has 326 pixels per inch!

You may not like the camera though. It’s a 4 MP but with super low light capability – HTC calls it ultra pixel. Smartphones are notorious for their flash. Don’t expect to shoot anything 5 feet away in the dark. But the HTC One camera, you don’t need the flash at all. You can shoot photos in a more natural way without the use of artificial light. Unless you are going print a very large picture, you will not notice the difference between and 13 megapixel and this 4mp ultra pixel camera.
Despite the fact that you won’t be able add external memory on the HTC One, the 32 GB version gives you enough room to store plenty of pictures and videos. If you ever need more storage, you can select the 64 version. We personally find that 32GB is a great choice for regular and business users. Unless you store a lot of movies and videos, 32 GB is the right size for most consumers. Besides there is a lot of places you can store pictures and videos for free so you can buy more apps and leave your other in the Cloud like Dropbox and Flickr.
HTC One is by far the most successful line of smartphone product made by HTC. If you are in the market for a new brand new Android device, you don’t want to miss it. Use the Sprint promo code found on Sprint.com and you can save up to $100 extra from Sprint.
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