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HaveFun 37g
Tinder ? I used many apps like tinder and also tinder and always when i have a match i say basic words (hi, helloo, would you like to meet in real life ? ) what ever, and never i get an answer... fake persons and scam apps...😕
Comment from : HaveFun 37g

Row Kah
Men always have to be brave and not shy!

If you are a shyguy, consider yourself single forever! Women will never like you!

They need brave and rich guys with villas and ferraries! Either of these are missing, you will be kept single until death!

So mark my words!

Comment from : Row Kah

Anyone single in 2020?
Comment from : Awareness

Dubi Naslah
I'm single
Comment from : Dubi Naslah

azerty azerty
i'm really sorry but your eyes look like a night owl
Comment from : azerty azerty

What is the best way to totally get rid of my shyness, and finally date my crush? I read plenty of superb reviews on the internet about how Troplusfix Dating Secrets can assist you get laid by hot girl. Has anybody tried using this popular dating manual?
Comment from : Lydie VERJUX

Serah Josephine
Im African girl im looking boyfriend but im failed
Comment from : Serah Josephine

Hatim Hatim
I want to learn the Russian language
Comment from : Hatim Hatim

Islam puth
I don't need to be in relationship
I just need a bff')

Comment from : Islam puth

Noeygxgxgx Garza
Just did 24 years in prison I have been out for 8 days,just looking for someone.

Comment from : Noeygxgxgx Garza

Akhil Kj
Can I find my soulmate here 😍😘
Comment from : Akhil Kj

Natural beauty with a brilliant heart
Comment from : zikibiki

Gulam Murtaza
Your hands so beautiful
Comment from : Gulam Murtaza

Ashish Singh
Are you date for me
Comment from : Ashish Singh

Naledi Naxo
Any ladies looking for a friend?
Comment from : Naledi Naxo

Djèblèèè official
Finding your crush in the comments is enough hahaha!😂
Comment from : Djèblèèè official

Imran Sarker
God has given you a lot of beauty.
Save it my dearest sister. 😊
Don't expose it in public, It’s your beauty that makes you precious. Save it.

Comment from : Imran Sarker

Lloyd L. Thompson
Comment from : Lloyd L. Thompson

junior may
Don't need to download any apps just find them in comment 😂😂
Comment from : junior may

Moses Adewale
Comment from : Moses Adewale

When I contact westhack000 on Instagram i had the feelings my problem was gone, was with a cheating wife And couldn’t bear it this was bad and I never move on, I needed proof to divorce her but no proof because I don’t have access to her phone my mind needed peace and all I could think was her cheating on me with her ex I needed a miracle and westhack000 on Instagram help me hack into her mobile phone remotely and she didn't suspect or know she was hacked.
Comment from : JOHN NELSON

sam harris
Lmao probably not gonna try any of these. They are a waist of time 🤣🤣 add me on snap tho samharris32
Comment from : sam harris

Famous people Edits
🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 bich I try to get in but I have to be 18 years or older.
Comment from : Famous people Edits

Ahmed Sabbir
i used many dating apps but unfortunately i didn’t got any girl friend for me...😀
Comment from : Ahmed Sabbir

iraq_ Tube5⃣
I want new friends 😥
If you want add me this my account in Instagram

Comment from : iraq_ Tube5⃣

I've never met someone on the number 1 app :(
Comment from : SnakeEater866

nosipho sibisi
I've been single for years, let me try these dating site maybe I will find a good guy.
Comment from : nosipho sibisi

adnan khan
Any girl from Qatar or working in m here handsome...
Comment from : adnan khan

Kanan Sari
I don’t know what I’m doing here but being single is fun atm 🤣
Comment from : Kanan Sari

Có môi nào không rung lên vì tiếng nấc!
Comment from : vaskudvaskud

Tapankumar Nayak
Video call app free
Comment from : Tapankumar Nayak

Trevor C
Ladies my likes:

Skim Milk

Taking poops while swiping on potential dates on Tinder and Bumble

Comment from : Trevor C

Khatri Khatri
Nice my friend
Comment from : Khatri Khatri

Yay It's Ed
Did not like tinder
Comment from : Yay It's Ed

Hey I guess I'm using YouTube for Dating now. Let's chat on WhatsApp +237678983936
Comment from : BAME MICHAEL

stella connor
No woman deserve to be cheated on by her hubby especially when you work so hard to make your hubby & kids happy. i decided to hire a hacker who a friend introduced to me so i will get to know what my hubby is doing since i'm not always around .. i discovered my hubby was cheating on me & that lead to divorced...I recommend this great hacker to anyone who is in same condition as me ..Hacker's email (cyberhack037@gmail.com).
Comment from : stella connor

Michelle Jacinto
How many apps i need to use?until now still single,i try all of this apps mostly is fake people,,hhaist.😂
Comment from : Michelle Jacinto

Free2Share Free2Share
You are so cool... And pretty
Comment from : Free2Share Free2Share

Alicia Abby
Am single am in need a caring loving guy
Comment from : Alicia Abby

Nayra Ahmed
I still find some one who is serious
Comment from : Nayra Ahmed

Bill Striker
Jigtalk. Its a scum don't trust this app
Comment from : Bill Striker

Nithin P
Look for foreign girl friend
Comment from : Nithin P

Mark Gerson Baranda
Hi im mark from Philippines, 29, im single, working at armed forces of the Philippines,
Comment from : Mark Gerson Baranda

rP Vlogs
Hey there if you are single comment below lets chat🙌.
Maybe we might walking as couple this valentines day😊

Comment from : rP Vlogs

Jon Earley
Is there a site in 2020 that works?
Comment from : Jon Earley

Caleb Castro
Just dropped my new single. It's me. I'm single.
Comment from : Caleb Castro

Kantipak City
Meet up Add me on Facebook Rëcöy Khöng Përsïgäs 🤣☝️🤲
Comment from : Kantipak City

Street skiller
I want to date u
Comment from : Street skiller

The Algerian Boy
Hello, I am from Algeria, how are you?
Comment from : The Algerian Boy

flirt agency
Am creat un grup de WHATSAPP si un grup de TELEGRAM cu fete amatoare si sugarbabes si baieti pentru distractie ( intalniri private, intalniri de grup-orgii,clubbing,swinging)si sponsorizare detalii whatsapp/telegram BUCURESTI!!
Fetele beneficiaza de acces GRATUIT in grup!!!
_mesaj cu nr tau de wapp sau telegram sa iti dau detalii pentru inscriere.

We have created a WHATSAPP group and a TELEGRAM group with amateur girls and babybabes and boys for fun (private meetings, group-orgies, clubbing, swinging) and sponsorship details whatsapp / telegram BUCURESTI !! Girls get FREE group access !!! _message with your wapp number or telegram to give you details for registration.

Comment from : flirt agency

Aaryan Prajapat
Why it so beautiful?👍👍👍👍👍
Comment from : Aaryan Prajapat

Ivy Bonghayao
Hey! filipina here, single 22years old find me on facebook . I prefer Aussie guys 😁
Comment from : Ivy Bonghayao

Chi baby
Ready to have a serious relationship? then I'm here for you. All I need is honesty, respect and faithfulness.
Comment from : Chi baby

Samona Melone
Đôi khi nhớ lại làm lòng quên lãng…Lắm lúc tìm quên nỗi nhớ bỗng dâng đầy.
Comment from : Samona Melone

Amazing Abbottabad
Need boys Friend
Comment from : Amazing Abbottabad

Grg Sriya
I give up I been single for so many years now and I need to find one for me but I am so scared just how does the guys turn out to be because we might get raped,killed or murder that negative thought always scared me a lot and I always think I hope I can find someone best for me not someone is scam and blackmail person I hope you guys understand
Comment from : Grg Sriya

jhuu //
Ghanta Kam nai karrthaa hamarii face he Kuch aaysha hai
Comment from : jhuu //

jhuu //
Ghanta Kam nai karrthaa hamarii face he Kuch aaysha hai
Comment from : jhuu //

chouhan uday
Any girl over here ? 😂
Comment from : chouhan uday

Alfred Wilson
Comment from : Alfred Wilson

Jago A
Range 22-27? so you like to date boys/not men... you will regret it when you hit 30.
Comment from : Jago A

Tech World
Any match for me in the comment. Just to be clear I'm a male😂
Comment from : Tech World

Abrar Zaheer
Who's single in 2k20 ?
Comment from : Abrar Zaheer

Wormy Pear
Color name looks perfect on you, like it's made for you.
Comment from : Wormy Pear

Vikesh agarwal
Comment from : Vikesh agarwal

Sun Kiss
anyone who want a gf 🤟 im here
Comment from : Sun Kiss

Raheel Raheel
I m single 2020/
Comment from : Raheel Raheel

Josephine Schick
vui mỗi lần nhìn thấy, làm ta…thanh thản và nhẹ nhõm, làm ta…xao
Comment from : Josephine Schick

abdul basit
I want a match with you lol 😅
Comment from : abdul basit

Abbas Javed
your beautiful, i want to marry with u ....i have love,care, respected and loyality that i will give u for always...
Comment from : Abbas Javed

Joy YouTube
Want hookup
Comment from : Joy YouTube

Audrie Saunders
Being around you makes everything better.
Comment from : Audrie Saunders

Sumit Steve
you are adorable.
thanks for the video its helpful.

Comment from : Sumit Steve

meriem ghoufrane
I just need true friend ship 😓
Comment from : meriem ghoufrane

Nl Malviya Let's Go
I am from India I like meet new people
Comment from : Nl Malviya Let's Go

mervie copo
Almost 6years😁😅
Comment from : mervie copo

Sheikh Jana
Hello viewers love from Dubai anyone have vist in Dubai kindly what's app girl 0097156 473 1982
Comment from : Sheikh Jana

Balu Banvath
please remove that add
Comment from : Balu Banvath

ravi kumar
U r my gf... 😘
Comment from : ravi kumar

Glorious band mwanza
Comment from : Glorious band mwanza

Wang Minn
Used all of that didn't worked.
I suggest YouTube comments section

Comment from : Wang Minn

Daniel Grace
Lol u are adorable!
Comment from : Daniel Grace

Sibtain Lone
watching in 2020.

Comment from : Sibtain Lone

Gani malnad
So sweet of you
Comment from : Gani malnad

Philosophy Of Life
Wanna date channel owner 🤣
Comment from : Philosophy Of Life

Arlinda Mcgee
What exactly is Troplusfix Dating Secrets? How does this thing really work? I notice lots of people keep on talking about this popular dating secrets.
Comment from : Arlinda Mcgee

Don’t use hinge because you have no friends to find their connections to, noted.
Comment from : EbonyUmbreon

Single 2k20
Comment from : MED BOUFFI

Romeo Alpas
Most people say they are attracted to kindhearted guys yet deep down in their bloody minds they want hot guys.

Ps: I need a honest and loving woman, any areas as long as I can contact you. Must be 21 below.

Pss: Just comment nothing bad will happen. I'm a Filipino.

Comment from : Romeo Alpas

Sitwat Ahmed
You seem such a cool and beautiful person; I kinda like you!

Comment from : Sitwat Ahmed

hamza Master
i am here watching this video
Comment from : hamza Master

Kidose Kilonya
I feel so lonely and wanna new friends from Uganda
Comment from : Kidose Kilonya

Riley Meter
So basically to have success on dating apps, be attractive?
Comment from : Riley Meter

francy morales
Ugh, I need to find the loml asap
Comment from : francy morales

SCP-096: stops screaming
Comment from : TRVSH TVLK

Take a look on LuvFree dating app.
Comment from : Personals

فتاة روسيا
Comment from : فتاة روسيا

Farzad Moshkelani
Are you Iranian?
Comment from : Farzad Moshkelani

Erjon Haska
The option of single on those apps is the only thing that doesn't expire.
Comment from : Erjon Haska

Abderrahim Jbour
Comment from : Abderrahim Jbour

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